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          3. dnf美服4月19更新安徒恩

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            • 来源:DNF私服

            本文转载自dnf美服吧 原作者ID:光明流浪者 转载请注明出处

            Hello DFO Adventurers,

            I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! As those of you who follow our ExStream know, next week we will be having a big update where we release Anton Dungeons! It will be epic... insanely difficult, and challenging since they are multiple times harder than Time Gate Requiem dungeons!

            At the same time, a lot of you are craving for it for better gear and a nice challenge. Are you guys ready?! Excited?! :P

            I just created a few images explaining the basics of general Anton dungeons, just so that I could provide those of you who aren't familiar with some general info.

            What else would you guys like to know next? If you guys have any questions regarding Anton, let me know and I will see if I can answer them!

            各位DNF勇士  ,大家好!大家都看了上次的直播吧。下周我们要搞一个大规模更新——安图恩副本!估计会达到……SSS级难度  ,比镇魂估计还要难好几倍的挑战!

            同时 ,大家肯定希望有一些好的装备(巨魂)和挑战(安图妮地下城)吧。都准备好了吗?激动吗?(๑´ڡ`๑)

            我刚才给你们做了几张图  ,解释一下安图副本的基本情况  ,可以给有些可能还不清楚的提供一些关键信息。

            大家还希望知道哪些?如果对于安图副本还有哪些问题  ,欢迎提出来  ,我会尽可能回答